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High Sierra Divers

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Doug Novelly

Co-Owner of High Sierra Divers - NAUI SDI, SSI Instructor Trainer
Doug is the current owner of High Sierra Divers (along with his wife, Tina). He teaches classes, does merchandising, equipment repair, sales, Open Water Training, Instructor Training and whatever else is needed around the shop. Doug is also one of our trip leaders on many of the trips. Doug originally took an Advanced Class from us, then started helping with the classes and became our first employee. He was the manager of the Grass Valley store and started the Auburn store. He eventually became an Instructor and then an Instructor Trainer (the highest level attainable). Doug is an avid diver, free diver and photographer. He is the go-to guy for all your Scuba related questions.
Tina Novelly

Co-Owner of High Sierra Divers
Tina specializes in Sales, Repairs and Travel at the store. She is very knowledgeable in these areas and is always willing to share that knowledge. Tina prefers warm water diving, but will still be seen on many of our local trips. She is responsible for the great appearance of the shop and displays. Tina also enjoys horseback riding and spending time with her daughter, Cambria.


Dave Albright

NAUI, SDI, SSI, HSA Instructor
Dave is a former owner who still teaches classes, does merchandising, web authoring and whatever is needed around the shop. He also goes on trip familiarization trips and then puts together many of our warm water trips. He is a trip leader on many of the trips. He is the inventor of the Albright High Altitude Tables. Dave also volunteers with Wave Camp @ Sacramento State every year where he conducts SCUBA experiences for severely handicapped children. He also volunteers at the local Police department and is the Meter Maid on Wednesdays. He also delivers Meals on Wheels every Friday. Obviously Dave is retired. (from the Hydro-Electric Industry)
Tom Minch

NAUI, ANDI, SDI, TDI, SSI, HSA- Instructor Trainer
Tom, the founder of High Sierra Divers, and former owner, still teaches classes and is one of two Instructor Trainers at the shop. He was instrumental in developing High Sierra Divers' philosophy on diver education and training, believing that the instructor has an obligation to teach "more than the minimum". Having been in charge of in the leadership training, his philosophy has been engrained in all of our leadership personal. The result has been unparalleled Scuba instruction at all levels. Ten years ago Tom was asked to run a new program at Sacramento State University's WAVE CAMP. He, along with Dave Albright took the challenge and has been volunteering their time each year since. Since then they have enlisted the help of other instructors and Div-Cons. High Sierra Divers has graciously loaned the scuba equipment necessary to make this program the success it is. Tom has a degree in Entomology, practiced Dentistry in Grass Valley for 31 years and possesses a Class A general engineering contractor's license to run his commercial diving business. He has also been certified as a bridge inspector and has also taught CPR/First Aid classes for his local Red Cross chapter. In his "spare time" he enjoys sailing, woodworking, and being outdoors.
Jim Nordstrom

Jim is a former owner who still teaches classes. He has always striven to aspire to the highest levels of teaching, and encourages his students to do the same. Jim also volunteers with Wave Camp at Sacramento State every year, where he conducts SCUBA experiences for severely handicapped children. Jim is a Doctor of Dentistry and has a degree in Odontology (Forensic Dentistry). Jim is an avid sailor and lives in Puerto Vallarta part of the year. Jim is also a Red Cross First Aid CPR Instructor.
Jeff Boundy

SSI AOW Instructor
Jeff was certified in scuba in 2002 and upon exiting the water, set his sites on becoming an instructor. While operating his Wind River Construction company, he became a Dive Master in 2004, an Open Water Instructor in 2005, and an Advanced Open Water Instructor in 2006. Jeff has logged 400+ recreational dives, 100+ commercial dives, and has certified more than 200 Open Water divers under his instruction. Jeff's current goal is to advance to Dive-Control Specialist Instructor. Jeff's likeable demeanor is often witty and sarcastic. He enjoys life outside - hunting, tournament fishing, camping, backpacking, spear fishing, and ocean conservation. Every dive is a good dive, but the favorite spots he and his fiancé frequent are the Channel Islands and the California North-Coast. Jeff - Practicing Master in the Art of Sarcasm - Just one more service he offers!
Marc Davis

SSI AOW Instructor
Marc Davis teaches classes and is an avid diver, underwater photographer/videographer, and underwater treasure hunter. Marc has been a certified diver since 1972. He enjoys sharing with his students the safe diving practices and practical "tricks of the trade" gleaned from the collective knowledge of the High Sierra Divers team of professionals as well as through his many years of diving experience. Marc served for 10 years as an Assistant Scout Master and parent volunteer with Boy Scouts of America. Marc owns and operates a commercial construction inspection business. He has a Masters degree from Humboldt State University and has published numerous magazine articles about underwater prospecting and treasure hunting. He has searched for treasure on Spanish Galleon shipwrecks in Florida as well as hunted for gold and lost jewelry in the waters of California.
Jack Brokaw

SSI AOW Instructor
Jack received his original open water certification with High Sierra Divers in 1994, became a Dive Master in 2002 and an Instructor in 2006. He teaches three or four classes per year and helps his dive buddy, Marc Davis, with his Open Water Classes also. He is proud to be a North Coast cold water diver and has been with High Sierra Divers on warm water dives to Roatan, Utila, Bonaire, Turk, Palau, and Fiji. He loves underwater photography and says his best dive is wherever the next one will be.

Dive Control Specialists

Susan Averill

Dive Control Specialist
Susan expanded her love of nature and the ocean by getting certified at High Sierra Divers in 2003. Her curiosity and quest for knowledge kept her coming back for further training. When asked what she wanted to get from her Dive-Con course she stated she "just wanted the additional knowledge and diving skills that the course offered". It was a very demanding course for her, both physically and academically. The staff at the dive shop was very understanding and continuously offered encouragement and support. Susan has evolved into one of our more experienced Dive-Cons and has conducted a majority of our Scuba Tune-ups. When Susan is not helping with classes she can usually be found hanging out at her cabin in Caspar: diving, beachcombing, gardening and relaxing with a good glass of wine.
Chuck Petty

Dive Control Specialist
Chuck was certified in 2001 and became a DiveCon Specialist in 2005. As a child, Chuck's dad was a scuba diver in the 50s and 60s and passed on his love of the sport. At the age of ten, with his dad by his side, he tried SCUBA for the first time in the pool. Over 600 dives later, Chuck still enjoys the sport. Chuck's diving includes the South Pacific, Mexico, Hawaii, and Canada, but he still enjoys diving the Northern Coast of California the best. Chuck obtained his private pilot's license in 1997 and enjoys flying whenever he gets the chance. In addition, he is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys traditional bowhunting, fishing, hiking, freediving/spearfishing, and camping with his wife and dog. He is a local contractor and business owner of Petty Construction since 1991.
Ed Phillips

Dive Control Specialist
Ed was certified by High Sierra Divers in 2006 and became a Dive Control Specialist in 2011. Ed has logged almost 200 recreational dives. After his Open Water certification, Ed's passion for diving led him to continue with his training, and enjoys working with the new divers, and conducting tune-ups. Ed also enjoys other sports such as running and football (watching, of course!). Ed is interested in photography, both in and out of the water. He wants to advance to the Instructor level in the future. In Ed's other life, he is a software/web developer. He designed and created the current HSD website.
Mike Lyke

Dive Control Specialist
under construction
Phil Easley

Dive Control Specialist
Phil also has the following qualifications: He is a TDI Nitrox Diver with over 100 logged dives. He is a current Dive Master for the Nevada County Sheriff's Department Dive Team. He has been diving for 6 years. Phil is also a USCG licensed ship captain (50 ton Master on Inland Waters and 100 Ton OUPV (Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels) Near Coastal to 100 miles off shore).
His hobbies are hunting, fishing, spear fishing and sailing. Phil also enjoys ranching, farming, law enforcement, horseback riding and mule packing.
Ardyce Minch

Dive Control Specialist
Ardyce also has the following qualifications: She is a TDI Nitrox Diver with over 100 logged dives. Her hobbies are scuba diving, horseback riding, spear fishing and sailing.
Just Willis

Dive Control Specialist
After completing his Open Water Certification, Just's love of diving led him to study and advance to the level of Dive Control Specialist. Just enjoys working with the instructors and students, hoping to share his love of diving, while constantly gaining more experience and knowledge of the sport. Just especially enjoys diving in the mountain lakes. He has been self-employed for the past 26 years, specializing in extending the shelf life of food and high tech components through modified atmosphere packaging. He is a past board member of the California Association of Meat Packers, a 32nd degree Mason and is affiliated with the Ben Ali Shriners of Sacramento.