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High Sierra Divers

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OCT 18, 2015

This event has become an annual event for High Sierra Divers, and in the spirit of Halloween, is mostly for fun. The event will however, be judged and prizes awarded for those skilled and creative divers who endeavor to bend the laws of physics and create the best designs!

Who can participate: All participants in the Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest must be certified divers.

Time, Location & Date: Sugar Pine Resevoir at the boat ramp on Sunday October 18, 2015 @ 10:30 am. Please call (530) 823-6757 and sign up or email us by Clicking Here Please RSVP by October 14

How it works: Teams of up to two will be given a time limit of 30 minutes to descend from the entry dock, design and carve their pumpkin, and make a safe ascent back to the point of entry. The entries will be judged and the decision of the judges are final.

Safety is our number one priority. Any act by a competitor or participant which puts or may put that person or others at risk of personal injury, will be deemed an immediate disqualification and that person will be prohibited from further participation in the event.

What you need to know: This event is BYOP, bring your own pumpkin!
Please remove the top and hollow out your pumpkin prior to arriving at the event! We don't want to leave any pumpkin goop in the lake!
This event is also BYOK, bring your own knife or carving tools of choice!
No PRE-marking of pumpkins allowed!
You must pick up all pieces of pumpkin.

Hint: Pumpkins, even with the top removed and hollowed out, float! You have been warned, prepare accordingly! 

Kids & Non Divers Welcome Too: Plenty of fun topside for kids and non-divers alike,  Share in the fun, food and judging. This is a family event to be enjoyed by all.

Special Rental Rate:  Wet suit, Hood, BC, Weight System, Regulator & Console, and one tank  for only $39.95! 

Pot Luck Those with last name ending A-F bring Hot Dish, H-M Salads, N-Z Deserts, Please. High Sierra will supply Hot Dogs & Hamburgers

Video View a video of last years Contest by Andy Ramsey by Clicking Here